NATO To Hold 12-Nation Military Exercise In Bulgaria

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Sofia News Agency
March 20, 2014

Troops Of 12 Countries To Hold An Exercise in Bulgaria


Land troops of 12 countries will take part in the international military exercise at the Novo Selo range in Bulgaria.

Saber Guardian, the largest exercise for this year, starts on Friday and will include 700 troops from Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, USA, Belgium, Turkey and Ukraine, according to Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry.

The main goal is improving regional strategic partnership and NATO compatibility in international operations for dealing with humanitarian crises, peacekeeping and humanitarian aid.


U.S. Army Europe
March 22, 2014



Soldiers with U.S. Army Europe and the Bulgarian Land Forces are conducting Saber Guardian 2014 at Novo Selo Training Area in Eastern Bulgaria, March 21- April 4, 2014. Saber Guardian 2014 is a multinational military exercise involving approximately 700 military personnel from twelve participating nations including…

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