529 defendants sentenced to death in Egypt..largest mass death sentce ever in the world

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We got the highest number of HCV patients in the world , we got the highest rate of sexual harassment in the world and today we broke a record in a mass-death sentence by a court in one single case !!

I am speaking about the historical court rule of Minya criminal court against 529 defendants , yup the one which the whole world is speaking about right now.
I will speak about facts here :
  • 529 defendants were sentenced to death and 15 were acquitted in the Rabaa dispersal aftermath in Minya trial.
  • 139 were detained in the case while the rest were either released on bail or on the run.
  • Only 51 defendants attended the trial because the space could not hold more defendants.
  • The trial started on Saturday and ended on Monday.
  • The 529 defendants are accused of killing deputy Sheriff  Mostafa El Attar of Matay…

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