This Is Absolutely Despicable ! Obama Claims “The Invasion Of Iraq Not As Bad As Crimea”! (3min Vid incl)



Blacklisted News     By Lee Rogers          Posted Mar.27, 2014

Barack Obama has proven once again that he is a soul less ghoul by providing a completely distorted historical context. During a recent speech in Brussels Obama claimed that the American led invasion of Iraq was not as bad as what happened in Crimea.

This is probably the biggest bunch of bull shit we’ve heard from Obama yet.

The death toll as a result of America’s invasion into Iraq has been estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

The people of Crimea voted in a popular referendum to become part of Russia by an overwhelming majority and there was little to no violence throughout the process. You can’t even begin to compare the two.

The fact that anyone let alone the President of the United States could make a such a comparison is completely insane.

The only thing…

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