Pentagon Delivers 300,000 Meals To Ukrainian Military

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United States European Command
March 30, 2014

US delivers 300,000 meals to Ukrainian military
March 30, 2014

YAVORIV, Ukraine:- The United States provided its first delivery of non-lethal aid to government of Ukraine this weekend. The aid came in the form of approximately 300,000 meals-ready-to-eat (MREs), which were delivered to the Ukrainian military.

The meals were transported from the Defense Logistics Agency European Distribution Depot in Gemershiem, Germany. Ukrainian authorities received the shipment near the city of Krakovets, Ukraine, along Ukraine’s western border with Poland, and provided the final delivery to the International Security and Peacekeeping Center March 28-29 in Yavoriv .

The cost of the meals, fuel and transportation was approximately $3 million, which was authorized by U.S. Defense Secretary’s Emergency and Extraordinary Expense (EEE) funds.

The Office of Defense Cooperation, U.S. Embassy Kyiv, the Defense Logistics Agency and the U.S. European Command provided a whole of government approach…

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